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(if you like him, then you better) Put a Ring On It

I am horrified.

Horrified, appalled, absolutely dismayed and sadly, sadly heartbroken. *cries*

Why? Well-- Whilst driving home from work this morning, I tired of trying to make the station I usually listen to tune and so began flipping through, finally landing on some random station playing back the week's top 40, only to discover, nearly 30 songs later, as they played the final bars of This Week's No. One Pick! that I had only ever heard one of the songs before this.

Mark me. One. Song. Out of nearly thirty. Of today's most popular songs.

This hurt me. Lots.

I suppose that this means that it is time to retire my all 80's/NPR station combo in favor of at least one to two days a week with my thumb a little closer to the real world's pulse.

Let’s just hope that I don't end up counting my heart's own sorrowful beats. *smiles*

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