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The old man is snoring...

Okay guys. Time to be mean to my pharmacy peeps: This is NOT how one does a pie graph. The idea is to have the area portioned off be representative of the percentage reported. And I wonder why you seem to have such a difficult time with p-value.

...Steps away before she climbs any higher on "critically evaluating clinical data" soapbox.



My tree thought it was spring and budded out just in time for another round of freezing rain.

The poor azaleas are confused as well. *shakes head*

I cannot blame them. I’m confused, too.


Hmm, I dislike jumping on the "sky is falling" bandwagon that seems to rumble through LJ every so often, peddling its ample supplies of fear and suspicion. However, times being what they are, I do believe that it is better to be safe than sorry, so, just in case you are not be aware of it, you can back up your LJ here (entries only) or here (entries and comments). I suggest using CSV (option 1) for saving your entries (at the very least) as it keeps every section nicely separated. And never fear! Just because you cannot see your entry does not mean that it is not there. All you need do is enlarge...er I mean embiggen that particular field, and voilà, instant entry. *smiles*

Now as to whether or not this is yet more blustering...

Sandbagging against the next storm,
       J. Washington Irving, C.C.L.

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