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A stitch in time...how cliché!

Want to know how to break your cross-stitcher's heart? Walk in whilst they are just finishing up the first 52nd of their newest BAP, cock your head to one side and mutter, "I don't really see the pattern. What is that supposed to be, again?"

*Dies a little inside.*

This is also a fairly effective means of getting yourself booted from their stitching room, not to be allowed entrance again for a very, very long time.


But anyway, now that I've finished this year's ornaments and been depressed out of any will to work on my BAP, I've found myself looking for a new project. Something I can take with me into the library and stitch whilst listening to the radio. I've about set my heart on Crystal Symphony by Mirabilia, only I dislike the placement of the chandelier as well as the color of the bead work in the hair. The hair beads are an easy fix, but the chandelier...

Perhaps though, if I move it 10 or so count to the left and, rather than following the pattern, mirror the left half in place of the right...

I just don't know. It might be worth a shot. *grins*

As happy as ever to be starting anew,
J. Washington Irving, C.C.L.
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