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What does it really mean to "open the next"?

Another video I stole from Geoffrey:

Nothing else really. I have just finished my work week and so am a little dead in the head. (Imagine a dull, buzzing ring that refuses to leave your frontal cortex and calls you only ever to sleep). *smiles* A few days rest and something repetitive (go X-Stitch!) will cure that fast enough.

Anyway, I found the above almost frighteningly interesting. I had also intended to post a few links to some R.Ph. blogs I've been reading that speak to (what I believe to be) some very important things, but seeing as how the handful of people who peek in here have little to no interest in the inner workings of the average pharmacist's mind, I'll save those for spamming the TPA message boards. *laughs*

Consider yourselves SAVED!
J. Washington Irving, C.C.L.

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