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To embiggin our vocabularies we must first...

Okay, for the record, I do know that it is wrong to try and hold back progress (or, perhaps more to the point: wrong to hope that you will succeed in holding back progress), and I am also aware of the fact that new words are continuously being created, becoming mainstream and dying pitiful, forgotten worldly deaths (note the word with which I began this paragraph--you think that was around at the dawn of the English language, or hey--let’s talk english language--can you say amalgamation?).

But...I must (haughtily) remark: Embiggen?

I mean... Embiggen?

Sighs... Was enlarge really so non-descript that we had to come up with a new word? Hardly.

To put it frankly: I just don’t like embiggen.

But I am sure the world won't care. *smiles*
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