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My children are more uppity than your children~nyah!

It's simple really. I found my camera. Apparently it has been behind the metal piggy on the bookshelves in the office for...months...

But anyway, you know what that means: kitty spam. Or rather, kitten spam, as I've been feeling more than a little guilty about the vast discrepancies between my photographic documentation of their childhood vs. that of George and Kiku-chan's (though, you will note that, ever the stage queen, George has managed to make her appearance).

MoMo is probably the only cat I've ever had who takes the phrase "sit up straight and let mummy get a picture" seriously. Gotta love a meat-head.

Bitty misunderstood what I meant when I said jump on my counter again and you'll be sleeping with the fishes... (Yes, I know that the fish tank is only half full but all I have in there right now is a plecostomus [i.e. bottom dweller] so there's really no point in rushing to refill it).

I get the sneaky suspicion that he is going to be one of those cats that doesn't mind putting a mere human in their place.

George butts in for a little camera time of her own.

And, for those of you who have owned cats and have wondered why it is that they sometimes go a bit batty, spooking at open air--I now have visual proof that it is due to GHOSTS~!

No these pictures weren't doctored at all.

And last, but not least, MoMo post-ghost possession. Note the eerie glow to the eyes...
Yes. He's comming for you.


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