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Forget Twain, what would Vonnegut say?

My, my, but isn’t this causing quite the fervor.
· Nobel Gas

· Where’s Mark Twain When We Need Him?

· Will American Writers get a Nobel Brushoff?


To wit, I cannot think of a current American writer who I, myself, would vouchsafe the award. Yes, I’ll say it: I don’t care much at all for the writing of most of the names being bandied about in the above articles as possible American candidates (Roth, DeLillo, Updike, Pynchon, etc).

(Okay, so I did really love Mason and Dixon and The Crying of Lot 49. But Vineland and V.--not so much. In fact: blarg).

But reading over the articles has been fun (to say the very least) and perhaps Mr. Engdahl really is just expressing some deep seated jealousy over Danielle Steel’s rather impressive world market share. (Frankly, so too am I--jealous, that is).

In the end, I can offer only this: Ignorance IS bliss.

I’ll leave it to Mr. Engdahl to extract from my typically obtuse American writing as to whom or about whom I am speaking. Bra lucka. *grins*

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