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Will you be terribly shocked to learn this entry is about an anime?

Okay. Having only just started the second season of Code Geass I will make but three short comments.

(1). I remember back when having the geass made you special. Now it seems as if everyone of even mild import is sporting one. Has the geass gone the way of the tattoo?

(2). Man, was I ever so happy to finally have someone don the exposition hat at the end of the first episode.

(3). As an American citizen, should I be proud or ashamed? It has been reiterated that Britannia (despite its name) is based in what, in our world, would be the USA and is hell bent on total world domination at any and all costs. (Please, no remarks about this being set in a different "reality". We're not really that naive). HOWEVER, Lelouch has opted, both in season one and season two to name his new country the United States of Japan and to promote those ideals purportedly to be the foundation of our system of governance. So, leaving Lelouch's own, at times questionable, tactics out of the issue, are we good? Are we bad? Or were we once an ideal gone terribly, terribly wrong (or perhaps skewing in that direction)? Or was Brittan just too damn small to slap that flag across. Perhaps, and not for the first time, it is our shear mass that is working against us. I cannot decide.

But anyway, there you have it.

I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

If only because it's a Gundam knock-off. *grins*

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