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Thank god I refuse to conform to generalities...

...Because, as a general rule, I would never post a review (of one of my fics) here for fear that it might be misconstrued as me mocking said reviewer. As any writer will testify, you may at some point claim that you are writing for yourself, alone, but, put simply: such are LIES, dirty ROTTEN lies. :)

That being said, I received the following review for my story Absolutions this morning. Now again, quick and dirty disclaimer: I do not disagree with this reviewer. My characters are rarely (fighting the urge to say never) anything but OOC. And yes, that's the way I like 'em (I rather believe that that makes them *mine*). And yeah, I'm more than a little proud that this reviewer has the guts to stand up and say they do not like something. That makes me wonder if they are not new to the system (i.e. they do not appear to have been brow-beaten as of yet).

I post this review simply because it made me laugh. Laugh at the honesty. Laugh at the undoubtedly noble emotion. Laugh at myself.

I hope that you can laugh, too. Enjoy:

I liked this story until this chap
you meda yamato to much ooc
The real yamato would never do such a thing
Im sorry but I cant go on reading it now
Im really angry about the way you used yama
Tai ore daisuke would do that kind of stuf way sooner becouse they are
inpulsive people like yamato are not
sorry you story lost all the greatniss and believebelniss it had
becouse of this
If you would however make a similar story like this with a real yamato
I would be the first to read it becouse the first 2 chapters where great

In response, I say only this:

To My Dear Reviewer:
     Thank-you, and I only wish that I could.

                                 Sincerly yours,
                                      J. Washington Irving, C.C.L.

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