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Um, you forgot RABID on your list of X-Phile's traits...

I find this article offensive. Not because they are badmouthing the X-Files movie (which I have not yet seen) but rather, because they are badmouthing X-Files and X-Philes, neither of with which they seem to have had any real experience, and obviously, no true interest, either. Why would you review a movie when you dislike its very basis and/or the type of person for whom it is intended? It saddens, yet amuses me that this writer seems to believe that everything should universally appeal to everyone. A very disappointing life in the making...

Truthfully, the critic is probably a closet X-Phile, acting out because they, themselves, spent the majority of their Friday nights dateless; motivated only by loneliness, boredom and (note the significant lack of an or) delusions of grandeur. [Sound cruel? Read page 2.]

However, now a "successful" writer for an on-line site, they are terribly afraid someone will sniff out their deep, dark, and dare I say it: almost X-File-ish secret, and so, believe it necessary that they initiate yet another fiendishly meticulous conspiracy.

Yeah, little Miss Movie Critic, I've got your number, and it rings sad and forsaken in the office once used by the FBI's Most Unwanted. *laughs all-too-knowingly*

Your Forgotten Friend

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