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So, you say you're under a curse. So what? So's the whole damn world.

[The above quote is from Jigo, Princess Mononoke]

*Should probably be careful about making such public announcements but...* I had not ever seen Mononoke-hime until tonight. Well, that is not entirely true. I once watched a cut up Chinese translation (a word which I must admit to using loosely in this context) that I now realize skipped entire sections of the movie. So really, I feel as if I have just seen it for the very first time.

Re-virgin-ized by my own deflowering. *grins*

For the record: I really loved this movie. Strangely perhaps, but no one can twitter-pate my romantic niggles and jiggles quite the way old-man Miyazaki's young heroes can. I thought it was just a Haku thing. Now I realize (at the very least) that it is a Haku AND Ashitaka thing. *sighs*

I have also developed an interest in Persona Trinity Soul. It is one of those twisted sorts of anime where you cannot really hold out any hope of figuring who works for whom or (perhaps more to the point) who is double-double crossing whom until the very end. That is to say: my favorite sort of anime. *grins* I especially get a kick out of the youngest brother/sister (the blond/e) who's slight empathetic abilities lend humor to the most unexpected of moments. I'll tell you if it lives up to expectations later.

In other news, I recently took in a starved little kitten that is the very orange-est orange cat I have ever even seen. Even his nose is orange, rather than pink so he always looks as if he has been snuffing around in the dirt. He is sweet though wild, and desperate for attention; a combination producing the strangest sort of needy, yet aloof personality. He has bonded completely to the other male kitten, who, despite being only a couple of months older (by the vet's estimate) is at least 3 times the new kitten's size. Yet more proof that good nutrition is vital in growing beasts. :)

Officially the new kitten is named Red, however, he is more commonly referred to as Kit-Kat. Check back in a few months to see which name "sticks."

*Wonders vaguely if she now qualifies for the title of crazy cat lady, and, more to the point, if she will receive a C.C.L. certificate of recognition.*

J. Washington Irving, C.C.L.

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