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To dream; perchance to sleep...

Hmm, I have maxed out my user pics and, all too suddenly, find myself vaguely lost. :)

I would not feel so badly, except I have space for 143 and in those 143 cannot think of a single one I might delete in favor of another. Instead my mind not so gently urges: more, more! *gives a sardonic shake of her ever-expanding head*

Moving On.

I have recently discovered Chi’s Sweet Home. They are cute little kitty shorts, not terribly entertaining and yet strangely addictive. I’ve somehow managed to snag all that have been translated and after watching them once, find myself wondering: so, do I delete them now? It is hard to decide if they are entertaining or forgettable. We will see.

[boring, boring, boring] You are still reading? Damn glutton of punishment. :)

I am also downloading Junjou Romantica (a classic in the yaoi manga genre) and am very much looking forward to getting to watch that. Classics are, after all, classics and should be shown respect. :p I am hard pressed to think of another yaoi manga I would like to see animated...with the possible exception of Sex Pistols.

But then, how does one compare anything to Sex Pistols... *grins*

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