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Spoiler? Much.


"Wha?" you mutter.

"Mwahahaha," I cackle.

I won't post any more than that. I will only say that is a page stolen from what I believe to be two/thirds into the series, a series for which I am currently giddy past the point of any hope of sleep.

I've been reading Vampire Knight in shojo beat (who've not published nearly this far). I currently own the english tankobons (not even published as far as shojo beat). But tonight (in what most of you who play this game will consider a "well, duh" flash of enlightenment) I discovered a scanlation group that had been working from the Japanese magazines (and had not quit when the series was licensed--god bless their little copyright infringing souls).

I was actually following a Loveless lead from one of the LJ loveless forums when I discovered this little pearl. Just imagine my giddy giggles, my lolling laughter, my tenacious tittering, etc.

No, they've not completed Vampire Knight (or, for that matter Loveless) but they're further than I ever dared hope. In fact, so close with Vampire Knight that I caution my fellow readers: click only if your heart can withstand being so close to a precipice with no hope of a timely release.

Otherwise, stand back, think lightly of the future and sigh.

Some secrets are better left obscured.

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