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Funny how life reeks of vague familiarity…

I've only just now realized that I've never posted Momiji's picture. Actually, until a few moments ago, I had never taken Momiji's picture. It is true, what they say about step-children.

But all socially inappropriate joking aside, I'm rather sad. I have no record of his childhood. Mostly this has to do with everything else that was going on kitten-wise at that time. To point: about two months after we had to put Mark to sleep, Mozart suffered a series of strokes (sequela of his FIP) and had to be put down. The saddest part was that even though the strokes had left him unable to get around, he was just happy as a kite, totally cool with relying on others as kitty-transport, but as the vet pointed out, things could only get worse and so, at her recommendation, we had him put to sleep. Then came months of closely monitoring Momiji (more commonly referred to as the Monster) and trying to determine if he, too, had become infected.

Good news is that he made it past the tell-tale 3 month mark and is cruising full speed ahead to 6 months (which is when he will be given the "official" clean bill of health). *sighs*

So anyway, I thought that since I finally took his picture, I should post it. As you can see, he can no longer really be called a kitten. And no, he's not very photogenic. In fact, he always seems to be wearing a tom-cat snarl (despite my having had his manhood removed). The second picture is the last picture I ever took of Mozart, just before he really started heading downhill. You can see what a silly goose he was.





Umm, yeah. :p


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