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ahh... SQUEE!!

Back in the fall of '98 we first started discussing X-Files, the movie, II, and honestly, I had given up on ever actually seeing any of that talk come to fruition. I mean, egads! It has been 6 years since this all ended. Sheesh, at this rate they could a held off one more season for the pseudo-religious, all-too X-File-ish reference.

But, as much as I expect this movie to be lacking in many, many ways, it is still X-Files, and so, leaves me vaguely tingling. (Maybe I look forward not so much to this movie, but rather to the memories it will help revive). I will see it, most likely multiple times. That is, after all, what good fans do.

And you will hear me say this once, and only once (because good fans do not dwell), but my, aren't we all getting old. It even has me wondering, shit, have we all changed this much? *sighs* Most likely. *sighs, again* And, because it must be said: could we not have tried to match Scully's original hair color, hm? And am I stuck in the 90's or has her fashion sense died?

Still, I won't pretend I am not exceedingly happy at our (be it momentary) reunion.

Oh how I am. :)



Yeah, I'd still hang the poster on my bedroom wall.


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