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Why I need round the clock supervision.

I picked a friend up from IAH last night and all I can say is I pity anyone who has to fly into or out of that airport. It was a madhouse, even so late at night, and very, very, very confusing and loopy. I'm just glad I made out out alive. :)

I only got lost three times. And I only stopped to ask for directions once. :p Below is a link to my...heh...visual diary. :p

Why I may never stop and ask directions ever again.


I came to the stunning conclusion today that I am a nerd. A co-worker walked up and asked, "Hey, do you have a calculator?"

"Yeah," I replied, "It's in my purse." It didn't dawn on me until after he started walking back away and I had already called out, "Bring that back, I'll need it!!" that most normal people don't keep graphing calculators in their purse. :p Shoot me now.
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