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*Shakes fist at the heavens*

Ever wonder if your life has become some sort of gambling game for the gods, if there aren't numerous devine beings pointing and laughing, taking bets on just how long you can hold out before going wonkers?

I do.

The day I started my new job, I realized (whilst taking a surreptitious glance) that my watch had stopped. While mildly perturbed as that meant that I could not secretly gauge my time left, I was not worried. After all, I had three other watches at home (Christmas-last had since been known as the season of watches).

The following morn, I scoured my home in search of these watches, finally finding two (when I KNOW that I should have three) but shrugging it off as I could only wear one at any given time and I knew that my stubbornness would garner me no gain.

However, I was soon annoyed to discover, after correcting the time on the first watch, that it too, had stopped. And so, wearing the second, uglier, but still ticking timepiece, I went to work.

I had not worn that watch for three days when Momiji, in his kittenish way, batted the watch off the bathroom counter and shattered the apparently not shatter-resistant glass face.

Watch number three was D.O.A.

And so, I resigned myself to buying a new watch, only to discover whilst cleaning house yesterday evening, the here-to-now missing timepiece (in one of the strangest of places that simply does not bear mentioning). Oh happy days! I need not waste the time or the effort trudging through Wal-mart's ever crowded aisles. (And yes, I really was just about that gloriously, deliriously happy).

But then, in a turn of events that should by this point in my harrowing tale be all too obvious, I was (admittedly foolishly) shocked to discover whilst dressing but moments ago that this watch, too, had ceased all function. *sighs*

And so, I am off to work yet again watchless and, at this point, considering that perhaps the gods themselves have reasoned that my very existence should be deemed (from this point on) to be timeless.

*sighs* Whatever.

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