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Supermarket Conversations

Whilst standing in line I had the following conversation with the 50/60-ish woman in line behind me:

Woman I Did Not Want to Talk to (WIDNWTTT): *pointing at a gossip rag showing a picture of a very pregnant Nicole Richie* What show does she play on?

Me (chick without a television) Umm, none...I don't think (Because my insufferable need to keep from making any definite statements, regardless of how sure I am of my answer, chooses to rare it's ugly head at the strangest of moments).

WIDNWTTT: She's famous?

Me: *perhaps a bit too sarcastic/annoyed* Her father is.

WIDNWTTT: Her father?

Me: Lionel Richey.

WIDNWTTT: Oh. ... ... *a few moments of blissful silence as I counted to people in line before me* ... ... I... I mean, I always thought... *overcoming her need to be socially correct with a total stranger* Isn't he black?

Me: *momentarily amused* Yes.

WIDNWTTT: Oh... She has such light skin, I never would have guessed.

Me: *actually turning to look at the woman for the first time* She's white.

WIDNWTTT: Really? How did that happen?

Me: *getting more and more annoyed with her refusal to quit engaging me in conversation* The same way Angelina Jolie got two Asian babies and an African baby.

WIDNWTTT: Oh... ... ... Angelina Jolie has children?

Me: ... ... ... ... *my mind screaming as I search desperately for where the candid-camera cameras must be hidden*

The things I must endure for cheap cat food. Next time, I think I'll pretend I don't speak english...

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