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Careful what you whine for, you may just get it.

The moral, folkies, is a simple one: responsibility for oneself.

This annoys me: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19190916/

Why do you (they) believe that you (they) have the right to mandate the beliefs and values of anyone else. Don't like what your doctor (or pharmacist) believes, find another. It’s not that hard. In fact, I'll even venture to say (after flipping to the "ph" section of my local yellow pages) that you've a plethora of choices (choice is, after all, something you demand).

But no, that's not good enough. Far be it from the average American Joe (or Jane) to accept that with choice comes responsibility. You want to live in a free country? Then be willing to grant freedoms to those living beside you, be it the freedom to sing off key in the shower or the freedom not to violate their moral or religious code.

It's bullshit to say that because someone has chosen a particular profession, they are morally obligated to forgo their own morals. Hogwash. Rubbish. Stupidity.

You (they) want choices? Find them. As in: YOU find them. Then go out and do what it takes to make them reality.

But do not blame your lack of effort (laziness) on me, because, if, on the other hand, you (they) decide that to do so would require more time and effort than you (they) are willing to expend, then in the name of whatever god you do or do not believe in, you had better damn well not complain about whatever choice I choose make on your behalf.

You (they) can't have it both ways. Either you (they) put the time and energy into understanding your (their) options and acting on the information you (they) gather or you (they) can accept that I will do my best to make the most responsible and intelligent decision I can (a decision that will be very much my own based on my own world view, moral values and understanding of the issues at hand).

*sighs* Such whiney, puerile children. Just grow up already. *sighs*

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