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But dude! They had Donkey Kong!

I try to avoid ebay. Why? You ask. Why?


That is to say, *I* am too easy. I fall right into that just give us your maximum bid mindset. Only, my maximum is never really my maximum (because, lets be honest, I have a very...impulsive personality).

What!? Shocked, much? :) please

This little character trait of mine leads me into ever escalating bid spirals that can, thanks to the "maximum bid" option, zoom very quickly out of control (fifty becomes one hundred becomes one-fifty becomes three hundred and honestly, one need only devote so much of their income to atari games).

And I know that I am not the only one with this issue as I have watched first hand as these bid wars go painfully, painfully out of control (and if I were the only one repeatedly upping my "max" this simply would not [could not] be the case).

Sadly, at the end of any of these little bidding binges I am often happier to loose than when I win, and find myself mentally pointing and laughing at my opponent, "Haha, bet you didn't want to waste all that money on a 30 year old video gaming system, 'cause, dude, you couldn't have wanted it anymore than I did and it is only in loosing that I realize how sick *I* would have been to spend $350 on a memory that may or may not load."


It's almost shameful.

Almost. :)

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