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Notch one win for the good guys.

A battle won, but what of the war?

Ah well. I sincerely doubt that things will ever get back to what they were before (they never quite seem to once the oppression train barrels through--blame fear, whatnot), but I hope that most of what I love about livejournal will remain. :)

I'd also like to declare that this was a victory by free thought but won't dare to be so silly. Honest truth is that what happened was no mistake but rather a conscious, intended response by what has become a money-making business to a perceived (and yes, very real) threat. Luck, (if you want to call it that) only smiled on us when the higher up muckety-mucks came to realize that loosing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of plus-accounts and/or paid-accounts would hurt them more (i.e. cost them more) than a well-timed, well-worded statement from a well-paid lawyer.

So in truth, we probably garnered this victory by being the greater of two evils. [Emphasis on the evil].

This does not bother me.

My yaoi is safe.

And I am happy. :)

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