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Be sure to take your tatami with lots of fluids.

Whilst browsing though a Houston tatami shop online, I came across the following:

t a t a m i

Have you ever slept on a tatami bed? Its firmness and durability are unmatched by any other type of bed - yet its flexibility makes it comfortable for sleeping. Many people with back problems have found tatami beds to be therapeutic and comfortable.

Tatami mats are primarily used as flooring in Japanese homes and martial arts dojos. You may have seen them in the tatami rooms at Japanese restaurants.

Our tatami mats all have a thickness of 2.5". The mats traditionally measure 3'x6', but we offer a variety of other sizes. They consist of a thick rice straw core, a cover woven from soft reed, and two cloth borders. They have been crafted in Asia and have been FDA-approved.

Ahhh, wah? FDA? As in Food and Drug Administration? That FDA?

Jamalyn is confused.

Nevertheless! I am thinking of placing tatami mats in my office. I have developed a great fondness for the way fresh tatami smells. That, and it is a easily replaceable floor covering that the TwinBeasts can rip and claw to their heart's content. After all, that is what is really important. ;)

But the FDA’s okay does leave me feeling warm and yeah, a little fuzzy. *smiles*

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