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Gift certificates are nice...

The count is officially in. I managed to skip and skim the entire holiday season without receiving a single tea set. Thank you.

I did, however, end up with three (count 'em) watches.



I know you mean well, really, but lets be honest. I wear a watch. Yes. But if you ever bothered to look at said watch, you would see that the face is so scratched that it is impossible to gather an accurate reading. (Truthfully, I do not even know if it is set to anywhere near the actual time. I could be ticking away on Siberia or Tokyo time, easy).

That being said, if that upset me, I would have already purchased a watch. :)

Point the second: I am not the type of personality to actually attempt to match my watch to any particular outfit. That is to say, I simply cannot imagine waking up one morning and going, "Oh! My little silver chain watch will go so well with this broach," or, "This sporty little to-do simply must be accompanied by a mickey mouse themed timepiece."

I mean, honestly, I am not the type to actually match my shirt to my pants.

Hell, I am not the type to actually match pairs of socks. I feel good about "me" if they're in the same general area on the color wheel. Grey is, after all, the new black; thus black equals grey, grey equals black, who's to complain? Not I. :)

Good try, though, good try. Hmmm...

I cannot wait to see what you come up with for next year. :)

Love you,
J. Washington Irving
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