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Fa, la, la, la...yeah.

Merry Christmas.

Live journal has changed their posting page yet again despite their knowing that doing so will slow my attempt at posting to all but a halt as I click and hover over each and every change trying to realign what was in my head with what now is.

Today was a very quite christmas, my favorite kind, and whilst I had the possibility of being called into work, I was not, and that, really, made it all the nicer (but the unintentional mid-afternoon nap with kitties did not hurt). :)

For five years now I have made a christmas icon. This year I did not. It was not from lack of time, or even ability, will or chance. Rather, it was due to a complete lack of action. This year, the 25th snuck up on me in a way that has only ever had me scoffing at others. Strangely, I am not bothered, but, admittedly, am worried about how long some of the bills sitting on my desk have been doing just that. ;) Must pay bills. MUST buy stamps. Such is the essence of life.

Anyway, to those of you out there celebrating something this time of year, enjoy it. I know I sure did. :)
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