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For the record: House-warming gifts are a SCAM.

Yes, you read that correctly, a scam.

As soon as people find out that you are currently spending all your free time packing, a little light goes off (ding!) and they suddenly get the urge to give you even more things that will require packing. If said things are large and bulky, all the better.

I submit for you an actual incident:

Jamalyn: “I have entirely too much crap!

Random-giver: (muttering to themselves) “Crap, crap...there was something I was supposed to remember about crap,” (then suddenly, as if in a burst of inspiration), “Oh yeah! Here! I got this for you.”

Because everyone needs a three-foot-tall statue of a Dalmatian to sit by the fireplace...

((I am a cat person!! ))

I wish that I could honestly say that the Dalmatian was the only real zinger that I have received. It’s not.

But some things in life just do not bear detailing. :)


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