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So today I am leaving for two weeks worth of vacation in Nevada and really, the only thing I can think about is how I would really rather not go. I'll miss the children and I have so much cross stitching and house carpeting to do. How very boring can I get? My happiness may be found in the smallest of things and I like it that way. :) Oh well, its only once a year, ya? *sighs*

Anyway I thought that I would leave you with some pictures.

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My new house...

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Kikumaru paying close attention to my do-not-jump-on-the-couch-until-I-replace-the-cover order.

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Damn couch hog.

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Come on. Pack. I dare 'ya.

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Ha! Lets see you leave without your bath poof!

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No, no, don't leave us.

(George is more of a "don't go, you'll miss me" kind of cat where as Kiku-chan has always had the "leave and I'll see to it that you reget it--regret it with pain!!" attitude).

I miss them already.

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