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Carboned Corn

A certain someone (and I will not say who, but only that she has a temperament I love to mold a twisted Ken around) and I had the following conversation via telephone:

Someone (frustrated): I just don't understand it! If we had had unprotected sex just once before we were married, I would have had triplicates! And now this!

Me: Ahh, I believe you mean triplets. (Yes, there may have been the sound of mild amusement in my voice).

Someone (starting very softly and steadily increasing in both volume and forcefulness of tone): I know very well that you think you know what it is I mean, but let me tell you this: Only I really know what it is that I mean!

Me (nearly choking with laughter): I know what you mean.

Someone (after taking a frighteningly deep breath): ...I know... that you know.

There was a quiet pause, then I heard a muttered but distinctly audible, “Bitch.”

I could not help myself. I cracked up.

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