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I find it fascinating how my finger nails ring (chime) on the empty porcelain of my coffee cup. It’s not a sound that I would normally associate with china.

Random thoughts seem to plague me as of late. Perhaps it is stress, or fatigue, or both but I continuously catch myself lost for any thought, often involved in some repetitive behavior such as taping away at my drink ware.

An update: The house I had a contract on was placed under contract by two additional buyers not more than 12 hours after mine was submitted. My personality being what it is, I immediately withdrew my own with a sigh and began to look about at other homes (I am a seller's worst nightmare as I can never set myself squarely to anything, that is to say, I can never seem to find the will to bargain). What I found was a home much smaller, and ironically, even more expensive, that at best can be described as quirky. That is to say that this home plus my personality and in only a few years the property could equal a realtor’s worst nightmare. :) This does not bother me in the least. It is neat and tidy to the point of being quaint and whilst not gingerbread in nature, does, strangely, remind one of fairytales. I believe I shall be happy. (Yes, my contract has been accepted and the home taken off the market).

Other than that, I have developed a recent interest in quilling (that I have yet to consummate with any actual actions and/or projects) and Takato Yamamoto's art, though the latter has proven a somewhat difficult and (at times painfully) expensive addiction. I will have those art books; just hide and watch. :)

There is also the urge to change the layout of my LJ pages that has been niggling away at the back of my mind for a good while now, but time, and yes, nostalgia (for I have had my blotter design for nearly two years now) have held me back.

But my urges are nearly always acted upon, so don't be terribly surprised.

Signing out,

J. Washington Irving

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