Jamalyn (jamalyn) wrote,

Headache, Sweet Headache

I am in the process of moving (yet again). Anyone who is surprised...well...perhaps you've just not been paying close attention. Mai's response to the news ran along the lines of: Thank God. I was beginning to think I'd screwed up on your profile.


Anyway. I'm not particularly fond of moving (all evidence to the contrary). I absolutely hate the process of packing, calling up various services (i.e. cable, electricity, gas, etc) to have them turned off where ever you are on such-and-such date (something that invariably gets screwed up) only to have to call a second set of such providers and have those very same services turned on at the newest site. Then there's the actual moving.

I've never done that with cats. That should prove interesting. Especially as I have decided to take three of the outside strays with me (something that requires me getting them fixed in the very near future) to act as my outside cats in my new home. Yes. I will now be able to say that I have five cats. Why do we do it? And boy, is that going to be a long trip.

But I am getting a pretty new house, a real house with five bedrooms and lots of built-ins for the collection that has already outgrown my current "library" and began overflowing into stacks in the middle of my floor. And I am buying it (on the off chance that that will make it more difficult for me to up and leave six months to a year from now), so no more monthly rent. Just monthly house payments, and home-owners fees and property taxes. But it does have an in-deck jacuzzi in the back yard. *nods*

I do not own a swimsuit. But I will own a jacuzzi.

So, perhaps I will get a swimsuit or... a very tall fence. *grins*

All this and I am supposed to be heading out (will be, will be, will be) to Nevada for most of November, so please, do not be terribly surprised if I seem even more absent then normal, as I most certainly will be, and I actually mean physically this time. :)

Wish me luck,
J. Washington Irving

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