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Open Mouth, Insert Foot.

I never watch television. Or rather, I have not since the X-Files slowly slithered off the air after three seasons of less than wonderful writing.

So when I watch anything, it is mostly likely either (1) by accident or (2) because I was told to do so.

The reason I was watching Heroes was really a combination of both of the above. I had randomly flipped to a channel to watch while eating dinner and I stayed there (rather than going to Cartoon Network) because I had heard Mai talk about the show (as something that she thought I might like though she never did say why).

It was okay. Certainly no first, second or third season of X-Files, but then, what ever is?

However, I will most likely never watch again because Mai, who I did not know was still at work, called right at the very end, and assuming that since she was the one that had made such a big deal about watching the premiere that she was safe at home, snuggled into the couch watching the show just like me, I said, (and honestly, if you don’t want to be spoiled, you should have looked away before now), “Oh! No! The brother’s the jumper!? Can he fly!?” there was a short pause where Mai almost managed to interrupt me before I soldiered on, “Ahhh! Both brothers can FLY!?”

Needless to say, she was not appreciative, quite the opposite actually. So, no, I will not be watching any more of that series. There are some things in this world for which it is better for me to be ignorant. Period.

Put simply: Heroes is bad for my health. :)

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