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I believe that I have mentioned before that I am not a particularly forgiving fan of FMA, and while I still believe that to be an absolute truth, I feel that I must admit to a growing, and at times, consuming addiction to FMA doujinshi.

Why is this?

Unlike so many of the other doujinshi I read, FMA doujinshi is beautiful. (Key young TK voice...or rather, on second thought, do not). Do not misunderstand me, FMA has its exceptions. I have had occasion to glance upon artwork or page through stories that could rival the worst of any fandom.

But so very (and increasingly, it seems) often I am blown away by both the beauty in the artwork and the amazingly painful, if human, stories this fandom has spawned. I find myself enjoying the FMA doujinshi not for their relation to the manga, but rather as they stand by themselves.

As to the anime...

>^..^<      J. Washington Irving
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