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Because I abhor discrimination...

When I hear people say things like, "I cannot stand classical music," or, "Classical music always puts me to sleep," I must always fight my first inclination, which is to look upon them as some strange bit of nothingness that need not exist in my world.

The sad truth is that I find myself (rather hatefully) concluding that this is because they have never really bothered to listen to such. Classical music is, to me, so varied a genre that I could never imagine dismissing it so casually. There are several pieces of classical music I do not like (Enter the Gladiators comes to mind most readily) but many, many more that I do.

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He is Croatian and cute and a very capable piano player. Dibs, anyone?

Flight of the Bumble Bee (orr: Rachmaninov)

Revolutionary Etude (orr: Chopin)

motto, motto sora no hate made, kake nukete iku only one ...I miss my Kaiser... :)
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