Jamalyn (jamalyn) wrote,

Amazon recomends for you...

1. Pharmacotherapy (Dipiro)
2. Lexi-comp Pediatric Drug Guide (Nguyen)
3. Little Butterfly (yaoi)
4. Player Piano (Vonnegut)

Me: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

Why is it that they either (1) recommend something I already have (numbers 1 through 4) or (2) something I would never want (numbers 1 and 2)? Are we to be so easily judged by what we read? I hope not, especially as I do try and read things that do not represent me (if however unsuccessfully). :)

Question, the second: Why is it that 53+ year-old men always comment how incredibly young I look for my age and then follow that with an often-all-too-inappropriate question and or body-part squeeze? Are Lolita complexes really that common? Should I allow my hair to grow back out (as that seems to be what draws them in, one of the more common comments being: I remember when all the little girls would wear that bob...).

It’s really my fault for liking the fashions of the 1940's...

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