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There is more to life than Tom Cruse and Katie Holmes...but where's the fun in that?

When you need to spend more time watching E!News Tonight

Via telephone:

Mai: Have you ever heard of something called Broke Back Mountain?

Me: Yeah. It’s a book and, more recently, a movie.

Mai: Ah.

Me: … … … (wondering if she will continue) Why?

Mai: Oh nothing, I was just at Wal-Mart the other day and these protesting idiots were blocking the exits. Something about Wal-Mart not advertising Chronicles of Narnia as much as Broke My Back.

Me: Broke Back Mountain.

Mai: Whatever. Anyway. I thought it was strange. Hasn’t that been out for years?

Me: About a year. I think… (I do not keep up with movies and, to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t even sure which movie we were talking about by this point).

Mai: No, no, I can remember hearing about it when *I* was a child. (This is said as if she were going on 102 years old).

Me:… (finally admitting to the truth)…I’m lost….static on the line…(far be it from me to take all the blame)…what did you see?

Mai: (ignoring my request) So they’re upset that Wal-Mart wasn’t selling Chronicles of Narnia?

Me: (Wondering: When did I ever say that?) No…they sell it…I think… … … No, I really don’t know. I wasn’t there. … What was happening?

Mai: *sighs* It really doesn’t matter. They were just annoying me.

Me: Oh. Bastards.

Mai: Bastards.

I did eventually figure out that she was not yet aware that Chronicles of Narnia had been made into a movie. That cleared up some of the above issues. When I explained to her what I believed to be the cause for the protestors, she just laughed. Mai has never been one to take idiocy all too seriously.

All I can say is this: And I thought that *I* was out of it! Rest assured clueless people of the world; there is always at least one more person who knows less about what is happening than you do.

Well…theoretically anyway. ;)
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