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Tales O'Terror and Woe ('aka' Bambi Strikes Back)

A deer hit my car.

Yes, a deer, completely devoid of any provocation from myself, came out of a wooded area, and without so much as a by-your-leave, began to beat upon my car with a baseball bat.

Or rather, something like that. The (main) point being, my car is currently awaiting insurance approval for well over $3,000 worth of repairs.

*sighs* *smiles* Would you believe that the all too recently acquired title to said car was sitting beside me in the passenger seat when this horrible act of violence occurred? Yes folks, this all happened less than a month after I paid the damn car off.

Yes, I do happen to believe that this deer is (was) on the payroll of the Ford Motor Company. Apparently even wildlife is for sale…

*shakes head* Thus goes the story of my life. *smiles*

I’ve spent the better part of the last week reading Gravity’s Rainbow. I do not know what it was I believed the book to be about when I, without much thought or ado, pulled it off the shelf (I cannot even say that this particular printing had an interesting cover) but I found it thoroughly enjoyable. I should have expected as much from the writer that so tickled my yaoish yearnings with Mason & Dixon. *smirks*

Anyway, that’s about all I can say has occurred in my life in the past week and a half, short of my realizing, whilst watching Alfie that I have never been, am not, and barring some shocking revelation, will never be the sort of person who is allowed in to hip nightclubs. Oh well, I don’t suppose I’ll break for the disappointment. Hn. At least I have my Mirage of Blaze OST to enjoy. *grins*

MoB music snag (ysi)

MoB music snag(megaupload)

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