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GE: But mummy, why are you yelling at the computer?

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...just in case anyone was under the impression that my interest in yaoi was a secret.

I have recently purchased a new computer, a HP media center m7330n. I decided on this particular model after a recommendation from a "computer-guy." I do not have any interest in computers beyond word processing and elementary image editing (read: cropping and resizing), oh and internet--definately the internet.

This computer is, apparently, very "cool" (his words, hardly my own), and as a result, I have spent the better part of a week trying to make it do normal computer stuff (and JUST normal computer stuff). I cannot help but believe that I have only increased my headaches.

Computer-guy: But it also functions as a television and FM radio!!

Me: I already have a TV and a radio...which just happens to tune both FM and AM, oh miracle of miracles.

Computer-guy: But! But, they were not integrated with your computer!!

Me: *long, very confused pause* ...the trouble being...

Computer-guy: !I simply refuse to allow you to bury your head in the technological dirt.

Me: *crying* Please, I just want to read yaoi_daily. Please.

I have yet to get everything anywhere near into order, never having been to sort to quickly take to a new computer, but, rather more the type to desperately try and remember the exact order of the exact icons on the exact background of the computer I had been using, no matter how much I had been cursing said computer but weeks earlier.

It does not help that George Eliot, Ms. Pay Attention to ME and Only to ME, has been actively working against my actually accomplishing ten minutes of work with out a, "Mwrow, Mrwoo, MEWWWWW!!" interruption. Her current favorite thing to do is to (literally) hang from my arm whilst incessantly crying. If I ignore her, she will, eventually, after causing me to suffer rather severe blood loss, collapse on the floor with a sigh (yes, cats do sigh!) where she will proceed to stare at me reproachfully for hours on end.

And people wonder why I do not want children.

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