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Racoon, Fox....Ah! Then you must be the Weasel!

I’ve no real reason for why I so suddenly feel the need to tell you this. Really, I do not. Truth is, I am about to fall down from fatigue and would much rather be snuggled between warm blankets, yet, somehow, I know that I would have difficulty sleeping tonight if I ignored this urge. Maybe it is because I am listening to this music. Maybe it’s just something that has long been bubbling towards the surface. Maybe I’m really just some not-quite-sane-not-quite-crazy anime fruit cake. Who really knows?


I watch Rorouni Kenshin.

More to the point, I like to watch Rorouni Kenshin.

And as if that were not quite shameful enough, my thing (for lack of a better descriptor) for the character Saito is beyond frightening (even in my oft all too flattering mind’s eye).


Oh alright then, I am going to go to bed and hopefully will soon forget that I ever made such a shameful confession. Say a prayer for my (all too quickly evaporating) sanity.

J. Washington Irving

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