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When you've been watching too much GS Destiny...

This morning, my first thought upon awakening was a deep, gut driven, “Valiant, (val-le-in-tow) tey!”

I have no memory of what it was that I was destroying, and, truthfully, that is probably for the best. *smiles*

I read A Pale View of Hills (Ishiguro) late last night and managed to thoroughly spook myself. I made myself so very jittery that I ended up driving to a 24-hour gas station only to purchase a 44 ounce fountain drink and assure myself that I was most certainly alone in my home. Strange, I know, but sometimes it takes small talk with another, living, human being, even if it is just proprietary in nature, to make me realize that those sounds really are just the house settling.

My calm may have lasted until I fell asleep had Kikumaru not decided, as I was walking back into the library to put away said book, to leap from the very top of the shelves with an unearthly shriek and land across my shoulder. I screamed, she screamed (that high-pitched, piercing cat cry) and then I screamed again.

By the time we had both stopped screaming, she was hiding under the bed in the far room, George was cowering behind the bathroom door and I was on my knees in the middle of the library, wishing I had set down my drink before coming up stairs as now, a good 22 ounces of diet coke were dripping from various surfaces about the room, myself included.

Damn cat. As it was, I didn’t not sleep so very well last night, waking up still tired and jittery, and (apparently) in the act of killing someone or something. *sighs* Maybe tonight will be better.

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