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Music is My Thing

You see, I recently bought a CD I rather like, or, to be a bit more precise, a CD that contains four or five songs I rather like. So naturally, I’ve been playing them fairly often.

They were playing yesterday evening when a friend dropped by quite un-invited like (not my favorite type of visit) and we had the following conversation:

Friend: Who’s that?

Me: Guess Who.

Friend: *shrugs* Uh-Um.

Me: It’s Guess Who.

Friend: I don’t know.

Me: *through gritted teeth* No. It’s Guess Who.

Friend: Uh?

Me: The song is played by the band named the Guess Who.

Friend: Ohhhhhh.

Me: Yes.

Friend: See, I always thought it was just the Who.

Me: Go. Home.

Now I took the required drama course in school, just like every other student, and I did the too often done Who’s on First routine, but I never considered it much more than one of those many things we must do to get from point A to point B. And no, I’ve never considered it an especially funny bit.

And now I can say that that idea has been solidified. :) :) :)

What the television was telling me: Hell hath no fury like the massive robot army of a woman scorned.

You know, I’ve got half a mind to believe it. :p

The world has officially turned upside down. It’s 100 F in England and my car has hail damage.


Hail Damage.

In Houston.

In August.

The world has turned upside down.

I was doing the dishes whilst my house guess lie sprawled on the big blue pillow listening to the television blast away when I first heard the tell-tale thumps of ice hitting the apartment roof. Shocked and horrified, I rushed out to pull Yuki away from terrace railing.

Said friend followed me out to get a look at what was one of the most improbable events this year and leaning over the railing and out into the storm, began to chant, “Ow. Ow. Ow. That hurts. Ow,” as piece after piece of golf ball sized hail knocked her on the head.

However, it wasn’t until she actually turned to me and asked, “Do you think I’d get hurt if I went out there?” that I turned back inside and dead bolted the door. :)

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