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Greetings from Outer-Space

I haven’t been around much. I’m sorry, I suppose.

Though perhaps not to terribly so. :)

My absence has been partly to blame on my newest endeavor. No, it’s not to terribly time consuming. Truth is, I made a promise to myself that I would not poke fun at the people around me any more. Take that away, and I’ve not much to say. :)

Add to that that my computer decided to throw me a curve ball in the middle of my last back-up and that I’ve now the equivalent of twin daughters (Yes, I may very well be the crazy cat lady) and you may well understand my disappearance.

But moving on...

Today, for the first time in a very long time I was reading fanfiction. Nothing new, mind you, rather, only catching up on fics that I had bookmarked long ago. Sadly, only three of the I-won’t-even-say-how-many fics had been updated. I understand though (boy, do I understand) and so won’t tell you I was bothered. :) I will, however, say this: I love fanfiction.

Perhaps this is not shocking news to you, but I had forgotten. That happens to me sometimes, little bits of life just slip through the cracks and memories, friends, joys go missing. Sometimes, like today, I find myself so happy to remember.

I try not to think about what, or whom, I may have forgotten. *smiles*

Anyway, in the name of all things that make me happy I wanted to share something I really do love. A song that I am sure you know. A song that, up until last night, I was sure that I had lost. Maybe it is a song for which you have been looking for a very long time. :) Then again, maybe not. :P


Beware the 1990's memorabilia. Mwahahaha!
Tub Thumping ~ Chumbawamba

P.S.- I *heart* The Macarena, too.
P.P.S - I *heart* you, frostywonder, but then, really, I *heart* you all. :) :) :)
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