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Split Infinitives

My english is (admittedly) poor at best.

I know this to be fact.

But knowing this, I think it only fair of me to say that it drives me to no ends when so-called “native speakers” correct me and my poor usage of language as a way of extolling their vast intelligence (read: ignorance).

I had written: “May we please refill? Previous medication has been spilt,” on a paper to be faxed to a doctor’s office requesting a refill on an antibiotic dispensed but two days earlier.

Upon reading this note, one of the technicians asked, “The medication was split?” (notice the juxtaposition of the “i” and the “l” in her query) holding the paper before a second pharmacist, who reading it and laughing replied, “No—she meant to say spill-ed, s-p-i-l-l-e-d.”

“No,” I told them both, “It says ‘spilt.’ The medication has been spilt.” This only caused more laughter with my fellow pharmacist finally catching his breath long enough to explain (between chuckles) that spilt was not a word.

Oh, but it is. However, being the type given more to silent fury than vocal self-justifications, I gave what I can only assume registered as an “hm.” Anyway, they both seemed to accept that as my acquiescence to their ignorance and, as such, spent the better part of the afternoon laughing over what they felt sure would have been my “incredibly funny school papers” and “creative grammar.”

I was angry, furious even, then frustrated and annoyed, until finally, I, too, started to find the situation amusing, if for entirely different reasons.

After all, as the old cliché goes: There’s no use crying over spilt milk. Especially if one is lactose intolerant. :p

(Of note: most of the chuckling was being done by a man who uses the non-word "irregardless" on a regular basis--yet--I have never said anything, despite having nearly chewed my tongue in two in what has here-to-now been fruitful effort. Let us hope that it shall, despite personal injury, both physical and mental, continue thusly. :p Then again--Bah!)

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