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Mumbled, Mindless Ramblings

“I can’t,” I told a coworker asking for a favor, “I have the wedding from hell this weekend.”

“Your wedding?” she asked, startled.

“No.” I told her. I couldn’t bother explaining.

I spend ten hours a day with these people. Don’t they think I would tell them if I were getting married? I admit that I am not much of a chatter, but sheesh!


It really was beyond silly. (And, thankfully, I made it through said wedding with a fair amount of my sanity in tact).

frostywonder was kind enough to fence my extra kitties whist at her summer job. Thank you. There are now two, older (three to four months) cats hanging around whom I pretend to ignore and one big orange and white male I’ve taken to calling The Don in my head (he has the most terrible smirk). They are not mine, I do not feed them and, moreover, they simply do not exist. (Or so I keep telling myself).

I found a new book about which to crow. ;) Got some spare time? Read Mason and Dixon by Pynchon. It is sweet, heartbreaking and funny, all to the point of physical discomfort (especially the funny bits—laughed until I could not breathe).

I won’t even mention that Mason and Dixon are a yaoi fangirl’s dream... :p

Ah well, enough mindless rambling. I’ll leave you with a simple question:

How many cats are there on this bookshelf? And, can you now understand why tweedle dum and tweedle dumber are not allowed in my library?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Scroll down for answer.










Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yes, that’s right, seven, when, rightfully there was only supposed to be five. See what happens when Mummy fails to pull the library door all the way shut? Bad, bad kitties! :)

PS – Wal-Mart has their Crayola Crayons on for 25 cents!

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