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Random mumblings of a procrastinator.

When you’ve dealt with chemistry for too long:

I was reading an article in the paper tonight about a recently published book [Reading about reading; now that is nerdy.], and came across the following sentence, “As is the case with strawberry pickers, few porn-movie performers or sex workers are unionized.” [I’ll give a Yankee dime to the first person to figure out what this book is actually about.]

But the part that marked me for life was when I had to read the sentence three times before I figured out that what he was saying was union-ized, and not, as I had first believed, un-ionized.

Forgive me my distinct lack of context clues skills.


What the television was saying earlier:

Man one: No, no, that’s a first. I don’t think anyone’s ever taken the eggs of a 20+ foot reticulated python.

Man two: And straight out of her cloacae no less.


Quote for the day:

Meta-pessimism: The belief that pessimism is a hopeless philosophy that will never work. ~ Seth Brown


You are Ken, kind and smart.
You're Ken!

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