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Kitty Woes

I thought that troubles were supposed to come in threes, not twos.

I may have been wrong.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They showed up on my doorstep, crying and half-starved about a week ago and have not left. I’m unsure as to what to do.

I really, really do not need (or, honestly, want, for that matter) two more cats. Only so many creatures can live within a defined space before we all start getting on each others nerves. (I.e. I can only scoop so many litterboxes before I go insane).

But that being said, I did not have it in me to turn a deaf ear to their cries. I am torn. I don’t really want them, and suppose that I should take them to the pound, especially now while they are still young and cute and have a better chance of getting adopted, but something about that bothers me too.

I need to harden my heart. There are too many stray, wild cats around here to adopt a policy of taking them into my home. I never would see the end of that particularly slippery slope.

Anyone in Texas need a cat?

Yeah, didn't think so.


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