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Your IQ Is 135

Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
Your General Knowledge is Genius

Gee, wonderful. ;)

But I do have a problem with the following question (unabashedly stolen from the above quiz):

”If Jody doesn’t pay her ticket, she will go to jail.” Which other statement must be true?

A. If Jody doesn’t go to jail, she paid her ticket.
B. If Jody pays her ticket, she won’t go to jail.
C. If Jody goes to jail, she didn’t pay her ticket

Now, obviously, they want you to choose the first possibility. Number two is wrong because Jody can be locked away for more than just defaulting on her traffic citations. Perhaps she has a certain lust, if you will, for cocaine, or some similarly illegal habit. Number three is incorrect for much the same reason, i.e. not paying her ticket is not the only reason Jody can be jailed.

Leaving, by process of elimination, the first choice.

But I cannot honestly bring myself to believe that number one is accurate either. :)

Hmm. Perhaps I have grown too cynical. *grins*

From ColorQuiz.com:

Your Existing Situation
Acts in an orderly, methodical and self-contained manner. Needs the sympathetic understanding of someone who will give her recognition and approval.

Your Stress Sources
The existing situation is disagreeable. Feels lonely and uncertain as she has an unsatisfied need to ally herself with others whose standards are as high as her own and wants to stand out from the rank and file. This sense of isolation magnifies the need into a compelling urge, all the more upsetting to her self-sufficiency because of the restraint she normally imposes on herself. Since she wants to demonstrate the unique quality of her own character, she tries to suppress this need for others and affects and attitude of unconcerned self-reliance to conceal her fear of inadequacy, treating those who criticize her behavior with contempt. However, beneath this assumption of indifference she really longs for the approval and esteem of others.

Your Restrained Characteristics
An unadmitted lack of confidence makes her careful to avoid open conflict and she feels she must make the best of things as they are.
Circumstances are restrictive and hampering, forcing her to forgo all joys and pleasures for the time being.

Your Desired Objective
Longs for a tender and sympathetic bond and for a situation of idealized harmony. Has an imperative need for tenderness and affection. Susceptible to anything esthetic.

Your Actual Problem
Disappointment and the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals have led to anxiety and she is distressed by the lack of any close and understanding relationship. She attempts to escape into a substitute world in which things are more nearly as she desires them to be.

Your Actual Problem #2
Greatly impressed by the unique, by originality and by individuals of outstanding characteristics. Tries to emulate the characteristics she admires and to display originality in her own personality.

On a sign in the park:
Do not feed the birds.
This practice creates a
problem with pests and
tends to attract rats,
pigeons, raccoons or more
dangerous pests and

More dangerous pests and animals? Bird eating tarantulas? Mountain lions? Giant squid?

I might be more inclined to follow their suggestion if they had not posted it above a statue (sculpture?) of children feeding the birds. Yeah. I want to put a big red arrow up, pointing to the statue (sculpture?) that reads: This is what you should NOT be doing!! (Beware of pests)!!!

See, I am even mocking and sarcastic when talking to myself.


Vinyl Hiccups. Now that is a good name for a rock band!

No Comment.


[I feel like chicken tonight, chicken tonight, chicken tonight!]

Sorry—short commercial flash back there.

[It’s shake ‘an bake and I helped.]


My own, personal version of acid flashbacks. MTV generation, indeed.

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