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*Ring, Ring* goes the phone.

*Ring, Ring* goes the phone.

“Yes?” I answer, back in town for the first time in a long time.

“Hey! We’re on the southwest side of town. Just calling to tell you that it will probably be a while.”

“Okay…” I hedge.

“Okay! Bye!” my cheery caller concludes.

Issue number one: Who the devil is “we”.

Issue number two: It will probably be a while until what?

Issue number three: I am in the middle of a very good book, and as such, do not wish to be interrupted by perky friends supplying at once too much and too little information.

*Ring, Ring* goes the phone, not a full minute later.

“Yes.” I answer a bit more shortly.

“Dinner or dessert?”

“Either, or.”

“Hungry now?”

“Not particularly.” It is just after three pm.

“Dessert, then.”


“Okay! Bye!” And yet again, the line goes dead. Once again, I open my book.

*Ring, Ring* goes the phone, but seconds later.

What is it?” I demand.

“Jennie’s?” comes the laughing question.

“Okay.” I intone.

“Okay! Bye!” An all-too-momentary peace reigns.

*Ring, Ring* goes the phone. I answer with a sigh.

“Six forty-five sound good?” my all to persistent caller asks.

I glance at the clock, which now reads 3:07 pm. “Good.” I answer.

“Okay! Bye!” And at last, I am offered the chance to resume my reading.

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