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Book Tales

I have decided that it is beyond my comprehension why someone would prefer a dog to a cat. :) (Please, this is not intended to induce rebuttal from dog-lovers the world over).

By the way, I snagged a wonderful Organic Chemistry text that was printed in 1928 at the book sale yesterday morning. I love it. It has all kinds of notes jotted inside, some about chemistry, some not, as well as several folded pages of equations and notes the previous owner had been using to study. That is why I collect old books. Old books that have been kept as nicely as the day they were purchased have little appeal to me. I am not saying that I like broken spines and torn pages--just a human touch, a connection to some long forgotten, and very likely dead, past. :) I also snagged a complete set of first editions of Freud's texts. I am not particularly fond of Freud, but failed to resist, nonetheless. :)

We are stopping by a community bookstore to which ice_is_blue was kind enough to light my path on the way out of town. There I shall get my Murakami and G. Maguire books and be happy, happy, happy.

Yes. This means that J---- will be stuck doing all the driving back. :)

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