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Lets 5!

LITERATURE! - You have a story... Oh yes you do!
You are not quite sure what it is, but it
burns! It burns to be poured onto the page!
Write! Write I say! And thrill us with your
unique view of the world. YOU are your own

What Kind of Novel Should I Write?
brought to you by Quizilla

My response when first reading this: a painful snort of Diet Coke. >.> Yes.


E-Gods! I love late night cartoons. My feelings about most daytime/primetime cartoons are best summed up as: eh.

But the cartoons that get played late at night crack me up. I have yet to decide though, if it is because they truly are funnier or if it is some strange combination of intense fatigue and the inevitable sugar/caffeine high I am usually floating on in some vain attempt to stay awake.

I may never know. :)


I am in Houston. :) I didn’t expect to find myself here nearly so soon. But then, quite out of the blue two mornings ago J---- walked into my room and, without so much as a good morning, fired: “You don’t read library books, do you.”

No. It was not a question.

“Well,” I admitted, “I do. Upon occasion.”

“Really?” this time it could almost pass for a question, “So then you have a library card.”

“Yes…” I admitted hesitantly, unsure where, exactly, that this conversation was going.

He stood at my door, thinking, or so it seemed, nodding his head ever so slightly before suddenly questioning, “May I have it?”

I stuttered for a few moments, somewhat shocked before asking, “Um, why?”

“I want to go to a book sale,” he answered simply.

Anyway, to make a long story short, HPL’s annual book sale is this weekend. Somehow J---- got wind of this and wanted to go. However, to get in on Friday you have to have a HPL card. He did not.

Unfortunately, as I soon pointed out to him, there was no way he could make it into Houston by 9:00 pm, the time the Friday sale ended and, as such, should just make plans to go the Saturday and Sunday sales (Sunday being the bag sale--so much fun!).

Of course, that meant that he would need somewhere to stay and (tee-hee) I just happened to have a place not 10 minutes from George R. Brown convention center (where this is always held). Should someone not mind company…

Naturally, he accepted my proposal. ;)

(No. This is not consorting, as it were. A shame, really).

Yea! Jamalyn gets to go on a book binge. Multiple book binges! :) :) :)


I love my Gundam Seed bois. I do, however, wish that someone would buy Cpt. Ramius a bra. :p

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