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Freeze-Dried Ice Cream and Other Such Nonsense

Interesting factoid learned today: One should not eat freeze-dried ice cream in bed, lest one wants little freeze-dried crumblies everywhere.

Freeze-dried ice cream, you ask.

Allow me to digress, I beg. You see, several months ago, I participated in a walk-a-thon in which one of the incentives was a free ticket to the Johnson Space Center. Now I have a fascination with space going back to early, early childhood, and the only thing that has kept me from pursuing a career as a space woman are my two greatest fears, water and tight places, both things the Space Program has in spades.

But I still like to visit and watch all of their movies on the big five-story screen, all the while whispering corrections to the tour-guide’s answers in Mai’s ear.

And, as my ticket would expire on this coming Monday, Mai was kind enough to take me for my free visit.

We were nearly there when, noticing one of my favorite used book stores, Mai hesitantly asks, “Should I stop?”

Cheap books are probably the only thing that can change me from an immature 23 year old chanting NASA, NASA, NASA to an immature 3 year old chanting books, books, books.

She eventually had to tell me to stop hoping up and down, as I was causing the entire car to bounce.

Long story short, I got all kinds of not-so-new books I must now fight to find the time to read. But it will be a fun fight. ;)

My Newest Acquisitions:
1. Wicked - A lovely re-write of The Wizard of Oz as seen through the eyes of the Wicked Witch of the West. This is actually my second copy of the book, the first having fallen prey to the bath tub.

2. The Unauthorized X-cyclopedia - It wasn’t until I got home that I realized that I already had this book in a different format. Oh well, now I’ve got two copies.

3. The X-Flies Lexicon - I’ve tried to gather as many of the X-Files books as possible over the years, but there are so blasted many of them that it has been exceedingly difficult. Here’s to managing to find one I didn’t already have!

4. The X-Files, Fight the Future - Just a written version of the movie. Like it is not enough to keep it on VHS and DVD, I’ve also got to have the written bit. Pathetic.

5. The Practical Japanese-English Dictionary - Motto: If it isn’t in one of my 6 other Japanese-English Dictionaries, it most certainly will be in this one!!

6. A random manga - I couldn’t help myself, as I have a soft spot for older books. This one isn’t especially old (1980) nor is it especially unique (boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy’s love for girl is tested by deep dark family secret, i.e. he is actually a horned beast,) but it’s cute and I will have to make the time to do a bit of research into it’s origins.

7. Digimon, File Island Adventure, Play-a-Sound - Now this is probably the one best suited to me. Yes, I’ve the odd need to buy any and everything with the Digimon logo on it, but hey, this has buttons you push that make sounds to go along with the File Island story!

8. Pride and Prejudice - Bought to balance out the Play-a-Sound book. ;) Actually, its one of my old favorites and I was suckered into this copy (I’ve already 3 others) because not only is it old (1942) but it has a background on Jane Austin and several critical essays included. That’s just a siren’s call.

9. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café - This actually my second copy of this book as well, having lost the first somewhere and now missing it desperately.

10. Six Stories by Douglas Adams - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Life, the Universe and Everything, So long and Thanks for all the Fish, Mostly Harmless, Young Zaphod Plays it Safe (Enough said!)

11. Prey - By all appearances, a new book by Michael Crichton. I used to read him rather avidly, but must have fallen behind because I did not even know this book existed. I shall have to see if I still like him (it’s been more than a few years).

12. The Lost World - Well, I’ve got the first, I ought to have the second, right? ;)

13. Rising Sun - Not his best work, but still it brings up a few interesting points about education and industrialism in America.

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