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An Issue of Morals.

I was working steadily when suddenly I became aware of the fact that I was no longer alone. Turning around, I met with the dark eyes of J----, waiting for me to notice him.

After a moment of questioning silence on my part, he asked, “May I ask you a question?”

“Certainly,” I answered. I have long since regarded J---- in the highest of manners. He is very intelligent, perhaps even frighteningly so at times, and so quiet that when he does speak up, either to tell you something or ask you something, you know that the words coming out of his mouth will be important and (most significantly) rarely repeated.

“If two people were attempting to come to a consensus, and one of them were to die…the one left alive could do what they pleased and that would still count, right?”

[A little background information. For the last week or so J---- and E---- have been in the middle of what could best be described as a War for the Ages. Honestly, I haven’t figured out what’s so important about what I consider to be at best minor and utterly unimportant points, but trying to convince a mathematician and a physicist not to sweat the details is like trying to jump in the ocean without getting wet. It will not happen. Unfortunately, the powers that be have (very correctly) told them that a consensus will be reached and that it’s up to them to find it, the sooner, the better.]

“Well,” I gave his question careful consideration, “I suppose so.”

“Hmm…” He stood there seeming to chew my response over before posing a second question, “So if you, and by you, I mean I, were to kill the person I was attempting to form a consensus with, I could then ignore his input, go with my decision and bill it as a consensus.”

“Um-hum,” I nodded.

Again, there was another long pause as he thought about his next question.

“Do you think that I could get away with calling it an amicable consensus?”

“Ummm…not so much,” I had to disappoint him, “Murder does not an amicable situation make.”

“Damn,” he sighed with a frown. “Damn. I was really kind of hoping we could do this nicely.”

And then he was gone. Should I be worried for E----‘s life? More importantly: Does this make me an accomplice? :p Oh, what a sad, dysfunctional little family we are.

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